Enquiries & Bookings: 01643 862946 enquiries@myrtleporlock.co.uk

Access Statement

Myrtle Cottage is an early seventeenth century thatched cottage that has low ceilings and uneven floors and stairs in places.

It is not suitable for blind or disabled people.

Parking at the front. Two steps to the front door. A further two steps to the hallway. Breakfast room to the right.

Parking at the rear. Four steps up from back door to hallway.

Bedroom 1. Five steps up to the first landing. A further step into the bedroom, low archway. Double bed en-suite bath with a shower and w.c. A further 5 steps up to the second landing.

Bedroom 2. A further 2 steps into the bedroom, low entrance. Double bed ensuite shower and wc.

Bedroom 3. Double and single bed en-suite shower and w.c.

We need to know if you have any disabilities that may affect your ability to evacuate the premises in the event of an emergency. If you do have a disability it is your responsibility to let us know in order that we can discuss and prepare a Personalised Emergency Evacuation Plan for you. The aim of the Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) is to provide guests who cannot get themselves out of the cottage unaided with the necessary information to be able to manage their escape to a place of safety.